Nursing Assistants make it possible to remain at home in Arkansas

"With the help of these wonderful nurses and aides, we have been able to make it."
  ... Annie Webb, former patient

Need Help With Activities of Daily Living?

Personal Care Can Help!

Under physician's orders, a registered nurse oversees a Personal Care service plan tailored to the patient's exact requirements. A fully trained and certified Personal Care Aide (Nursing Assistant) provides the on-going services needed. Find services

What Do Services Include?

  • Personal care and grooming (including bathing, hair care, and assistance with clothing).
  • Help with meals and diet, including meal preparation.
  • Assist with bladder and bowel requirements.
  • Assist with household chores that are related to medical needs (grocery shopping, cleaning patient area, bed linens, etc.)

Nurses Monitor The Care

An RN supervises the aide's services, and answers any questions, to ensure we provide only the highest quality care. The nurse also gives to the patient's doctor an update about the patient's condition.

All Staff Are Certified

All of our personal care aides are certified to meet the standards set by state and national requirements. Our aides care. They treat each patient as a person. They are not only an aide, but a friend.