For Your Baby's Sake!

Maternal-Infant services help assure a healthy baby

The Arkansas Department of Health offers two services aimed at the family's health:

The Mother-Infant Program

IHS's Mother-Infant Program is a short-stay maternity program that combines a brief hospital stay with registered nurse (RN) home visits. The service is both safe and cost-effective, and families love it!

We help new mothers adapt to this change in their life, and feel confident they can take care of their child. We are there to teach, help bond, and answer questions for the mother and other family members.

Before The Baby Is Born…

Before the baby is born, a registered nurse does a home environment evaluation to help the family prepare the home for the baby. Social Workers can also assist with the home evaluations and help the family deal with any anxiousness they may have about this big change in their lives.

Home From The Hospital…

When the mother and infant arrive home after the birth, the nurse assesses both the mother (physical, nutritional and social assessment) and the infant (a well-baby assessment). The RN also answers questions about caring for the child, teaches breastfeeding, bottle feeding, bathing, diapering and comforting the child.

Is It Affordable?

Yes. We bill Medicaid on all mothers and infants meeting eligibility requirements.