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"Thank God for Hospice. They became my family. Hospice helped us in every way. They took good care of my husband. They came here to our home. The nurses stayed with the family. They will give you answers to your questions. My husband loved every one of the hospice team that came to see him."...Vinita Spears, Dardanelle

With Hospice-Arkansas, Each Life is Special . . .

Hospice-Arkansas supports the belief that each life is special. It helps patients and family members understand that death is a part of the normal life cycle.

Hospice care neither hastens nor prolongs death. Instead, it helps people get through the changes and adjustments of a terminal disease. And our Hospice care continues to support the family even after the death of a loved one.

Hospice care allows the patient and family to go through the final stage of life at home -- together -- where the patient can be comfortable in familiar surroundings.

How Hospice-Arkansas Helps

While the patient's family physician remains in charge of the medical care, Hospice-Arkansas workers - both volunteers and trained professionals - provide other special services.

  • Nursing: Nursing care is given in the home, and as often as is necessary. Emergency home visits are also available 24-hours a day.
  • Social Services: A trained social worker helps the patient and family cope with the financial and emotional stress of terminal illness.
  • Home Health Aides: A home health aide helps with the patient's personal care and assists with essential household chores.
  • Volunteers: Community volunteers give their time to help the patient and family with anything (from reading to the patient or going to the grocery store) that will make the situation a little easier.
  • Medication and Equipment: Medications and medical equipment which are essential to the patient's comfort are provided through Hospice.
  • Grief Support: Counselors and volunteers help family and friends cope with the adjustments of losing a loved one.
  • Spiritual Help: A chaplain or minister can give spiritual guidance and emotional support when requested.
Hospice care at home in Arkansas

Who Pays for Care?

  • Medicare, Medicaid and some private insurance companies cover the cost of Hospice services.
  • In addition, to help finance the program, Hospice accepts memorial contributions and donations from individuals and community sources.
  • Within the limits of our financial resources, Hospice-Arkansas accepts patients without a source of payment. We do not bill the patient.

Who Can Receive Hospice Care?

Patients who:

  • Have an incurable illness with a limited life expectancy.
  • Desires to stay at home during the course of the illness.
  • Are no longer receiving curative treatment.
  • Have a caregiver (spouse or family member) in the home who assumes responsibility for the patient's care.

Nursing Home Residents

Hospice care is available to nursing home residents who meet the hospice criteria. The resident continues to receive care from the nursing home and the hospice staff.