Health care at home under physician orders in Arkansas

"Everyone was great. They all came in with a smile on their face and they were very encouraging. They really helped me."...Wilton Steed

Recovering from a Serious Illness?

A serious illness or injury often requires ongoing medical treatment. If you have a stroke, heart attack, cancer, surgery, diabetes, illnesses present at birth, or other unstable medical conditions, your care often starts in the hospital. But what about when you go home?

Delivered from 74 offices across the state, the Arkansas Department of Health's Home Health Care offers a complete package of services designed for the patient recovering from a serious illness:

Nursing Care

Skilled assessment; technical procedures (wound care, IV therapy, injections, dressing changes, etc.); teaching caregivers self-care, ostomy care; medications; tube feedings; tracheostomy care; and updating the physician.

Physical Therapy

Restores lost functions due to illness or accident.

Speech Therapy

For restoring speech which may have been lost or impaired due to stroke or accident.

Occupational Therapy

Improves or restores lost functions due to illness or injury, and helps learn skills and functions essential for adaptation to achieve maximum potential.

Home Health Aide

For help with personal hygiene, meals, ambulation, and cleaning the patient's immediate area.


The supplies needed and necessary for the patient's care at home (IV supplies, catheters, dressings, ostomy supplies, bandages, and other needed items).