ADH In-Home Health and Hospice Services

Your Professional In-Home Care Team

All Across Arkansas

As a non-profit agency of the Arkansas State Board of Health, we have since 1968 cared for people in their homes under physician’s orders. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible in-home health and hospice services through each of our 74 offices, and to providing the best career opportunities in Arkansas for nurses, therapists, social workers and nursing assistants.

Serving Thousands Every Day

On any given day, ADH In-Home Health and Hospice serves several thousand patients across the state, through a staff of over two thousand nurses, therapists, social workers and nursing assistants. Over the course of a year we make hundreds of thousands of visits to patients' homes, so they can stay "home where the heart is."

A Comprehensive Service

Every patient’s health condition is different, creating specific needs. We believe it is important to serve a wide range of health conditions, in order to help the most people. So we work directly under physician’s orders to provide specific levels of care, each designed to meet a patient’s special needs:

  • Home Health services help people through serious episodes of illness (often following hospitalizations).
  • Personal Care services help delay or prevent entry into a nursing home.
  • Mother-Infant services help new mothers and infants get a healthier start.
  • Hospice services help the terminally ill pass through their final stage of life with as much comfort and dignity as possible.
  • Case Management services help put all the pieces together, by locating and organizing the multitude of services often needed to help a frail person continue living at home .

Non-profit, Publicly-Governed

Because we are a non-profit agency, you can be certain that our patients are our first concern. In fact, that's our motto: "Our patients come first."

In-Home Health Care Services provided by the Arkansas Deprtment of Health are governed by the State Board of Health, and quality-certified by Medicare. All services are provided under orders of the patient's attending physician.

Certified for quality

Medicare and Medicaid certifies us through regular inspections. We are a stable agency dedicated to serving our neighbors.

We serve all Arkansans regardless of age, gender, color, ethnicity, national origin, disability or diagnosis.